Latest Past Events

Books & Brunch with a Twist: New Orleans Style

Algiers Auditorium

When you think of Books & Brunch, normally books, hors d'oeurves, omelets, and cocktails come to mind, right? Wrong...Its more! When the creatives of B.A.R. Arts Collective decide to make a move they decided to second-line over to New Orleans, New Orleans is the best city to visit for fun, parties, events, and culture, expect […]


Friday Night Crafting Happy Hour

Sew Chic Fabrics and Crafts 3830 35th Street Suite A, Mount Rainier

Enjoy the new Happy Hour of Crafting! Learn a new skill.. this month we will learn to make a leather card case! You will learn to assemble, saddle stitch, edgepaint, and finally paint your name, a design, or an encouraging word! The leather card kit is included in the price.. we have all the tools […]