The Inspiration Behind Artisan Joy: Our Stories Promote Artists and the Handmade Economy

Welcome to Artisan Joy, a magazine for makers, artists and artisans. I have loved creating things for as long as I can remember. In elementary school, I tried writing a comic book. Drawing was never one of my strong suits, but the writing aspect stuck, and I became a professional writer. 

Over the years, I’ve experimented with different crafts, including making jewelry, knitting, crafting holiday cards, and painting furniture. I haven’t been able to stick with one craft because creating something, anything, brings me joy. When I retire years from now, I’m going to take all the craft classes.

Entrepreneurship interests me as much as crafting. I suppose the two are similar in a way as artisans and entrepreneurs are both creating something. In my work life, magazine articles are my favorite type of writing. Artisan Joy is a marriage of my passions and profession.

I plan to fill the pages of this online magazine with interviews of creative owners to promote the handmade economy and celebrate artists as business owners. Perhaps AJ’s stories will inspire others to make art their business and create a career on their own terms.

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Stephanie Blanchard, Editor in Chief

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