About Artisan Joy

Who We Are

Artisan Joy is a media outlet and publishing company that produces a bi-monthly magazine (print & digital) and website.

What We Publish

Our publication tells the stories of creative entrepreneurs from diverse artistic disciplines and backgrounds. We also publish informative articles on running a creative business.

Our Mission

To celebrate, elevate and inspire creative entrepreneurs.

We carry out this mission by:

  • Removing the barriers for creative entrepreneurs to get publicity by being an accessible media outlet dedicated to telling their stories.
  • Driving awareness about creative entrepreneurs by featuring their stories in our magazine, on our website and across our social media channels.
  • Showcasing creative entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and artistic disciplines, especially women and people from underrepresented groups.
  • Encouraging consumers to shop small by detailing the hard work and dedication that goes into producing artworks and artisanal goods.
  • Being an educational resource for aspiring creative entrepreneurs for learning about starting and running and creative.
  • Delivering inspiration for launching a creative business.
  • Providing publicity/editorial endorsements for creative small businesses. Here’s why this is important for small business owners: According to an article on Forbes about the effectiveness of earned media (publicity) vs. paid media (advertising) in the consumer decision-making process, “PR is almost 90% more effective than advertising.” Business tycoon Richard Branson said it best, “Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.”

Editorial Philosophy

By bringing awareness to the work of artist, designers, makers, artisans, and others who sell their creative goods/services, we believe we can help them sell more, championing the creative economy. Additionally, the founders’ stories featured in Artisan Joy can inspire those looking to grow and develop their own creative businesses.

Why Read Artisan Joy?

If you’re an artist, designer or maker, get inspired by our content and learn from other creative entrepreneurs.

If you love shopping small, supporting artists and artisans and finding unique goods, we encourage you to discover new artists, makers, crafters and designers in our pages.

EDITOR IN CHIEF | Stephanie Afonso Blanchard