About Artisan Joy

Celebrating and Elevating Creative Entrepreneurs

About Our Content

Artisan Joy features interviews with creative entrepreneurs from diverse artistic disciplines. Through our articles, you can gather tips for your own entrepreneurial journey and be inspired. In our pages, you can:

  • Explore the work of artists and artisans.
  • Discover how they began selling their art and artisanal goods
  • Read about their unique journeys, their successes and the passion fueling their creative businesses.
  • Learn how they profit from their craft.


To celebrate and elevate artists, designers, artisans and makers who have turned their passions into profitable businesses and inspire others contemplating their own entrepreneurial journey.

Editorial Philosophy

By sharing the stories of creative individuals who are earning money through their craft, we believe we can help others looking to grow and develop their own creative businesses.

Additionally, we strive to be a resource for small business information. So, you will see articles with tips from professionals like PR experts, lawyers and accountants.

In addition, our publication explores the hard work and dedication that goes into producing artworks and artisanal goods. We hope these insights inspire consumers to shop small.

If you’re an artist, designer or maker, get inspired by our content and learn from other creative entrepreneurs.

If you love shopping small, supporting artists and artisans and finding unique goods, we encourage you to discover new artists, makers, crafters and designers in our pages.

EDITOR IN CHIEF | Stephanie Afonso Blanchard